IMG_0316Surprise! There is no Bethlehem, New York. But, there is a township in Albany County, State of New York, named Bethlehem. Ask a resident where they live, and probably they’ll answer Delmar, Slingerlands, Glenmont, or Selkirk, which are the larger communities in the Township, which will be referred to as the “town”, as we continue. Some of the other communities in the town are South Bethlehem, North Bethlehem, Elsmere, Becker’s Corners, Van Wie’s Point, Bethlehem Center{although it’s more commonly referred to as Glenmont today}.
  The communities are more frequently referred to as villages or hamlets, but there is only one governing body in the town, and it’s called The Town of Bethlehem.
  What you’ll find on this site are the links to what makes this town Bethlehem.